Bridging the gender gap for women in technology

We are an organization that seeks to share knowledge on a voluntary and non-profit basis. We donate our time, energy and passion to carry out activities that positively influence other women, providing them with a platform and an environment conducive to personal and professional development.

Our goal is to unify the different initiatives in order to encourage greater participation of women in the technological field. Our work is based on 4 pillars:



We want more girls to learn about technology through talks and events



Because knowledge is useless if it is not used, we believe that motivating our community to undertake is the best way to continue in this constant search for improvement and evolution



We offer spaces and moments to exchange experiences, expanding the network of contacts



The sooner you discover your calling, the better. That is why we seek to teach girls and young people in schools, and geographical areas outside the capital. If they discover that they are passionate about this world, great!

Do you want to volunteer?

WIT Perú seeks to close the gender gap in the field of technology. We want more women to join the industry and help create new products and businesses. That is why we are constantly looking for passionate and committed people who want to support our mission.

Do you have a few free hours that you can donate to us? Great! We have a task you can help us with :)

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